Saturday, 17 March 2018

Matahari Eve Gown dedicated to the memory Mrs Eve Tomsen (Eve Compton).


 The Eve Gown Chic Shamrock is dedicated to the memory Mrs Eve Tomsen (Eve Compton).
Tanya Matahari very dear friend 

 It embodies everything Eve adored - formal and elegant, with just a dash of "Irishness" and lots of wearing options. How she loved a fat pack!

Proceeds from sales of this gown will go in full towards preserving Eve's passion in Second Life, which was to bring the best of live music to the community for everyone to appreciate. This continues to this day with regular shows at the Endeavour Cove sim which Eve first acquired back in 2007.Endeavour Cove

I hope you will visit this beautiful sim, take in a show, and wear the gown in Eve's honour.

RIP, my dearest Evie.

Tanya Matahari 
March 2018

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  1. Thank you so much Martina for this lovely post.
    Hugs from Tanya