Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Arte Colorido Fashion Line of Wearable Art

When two creative ladies come together, it just can be that something fabulous starts to blossom. That is what happened with Tanya Matahari and Elin Egoyan.

Elin is a dedicated painting artist, renowned for her colourful art which can be seen in her beautiful gallery "Arte Colorado" at Matahari Riviera in InWorldz.  Tanya is a talented fashion designer in RL as well as in IW.  Tanya fell in love with Elin's art and proposed the idea to combine art with fashion. And that's how it started.....

So far, Tanya has created 3 outfits of "Wearable Art" using the paintings of Elin. And this will be just the beginning!


Elin: Crossroads, a painting that expresses the many directions you can choose in your life. is it left or right, going forward or even turn around. A perfect match with this lovely summer dress.

Tanya:  Crossroads One is an easy-to-wear summer sundress, a strappy design with asymmetric hem and delicate frilled edging.  Elin's painting offered us a gorgeous blend of different shades, some bright, some muted, all very much in tune with the pinks of the season for 2017.  This mesh outfit is in 5 standard sizes and completed by a striking geometric necklace and earrings set, plus coordinating heels for high mesh feet.


Elin:  This painting is all about colours, like flames that warm your path through Life. When there would not exist colours, how would the world look like?? Colours make Life bright and cheerful.  To make Elin happy, Tanya chose for this painting a harem outfit, a typical Elin outfit!

Tanya:  This beautiful painting was a gift of colour for a stunning summer outfit - heads will turn, ladies, for sure when you show off this sexy beach-to-bar ensemble.  A two-piece design, the halter top and harem pants may be worn as separates.  Included with purchase are jewellery, sunhat and high toe-post sandals, each subtly embellished with Arte Colorado textures.  To complete the look, mesh sunglasses are also included, in a luxe satin gold finish.


Elin: The sea is one of the most valuable treasures of the world. And what do people do? They pollute this precious environment and kill too many lovely creatures. Elin shows in this painting in an abstract way, the colourful and delicate sea creatures threatened by the danger of fishing nets. Tanya found a perfect match for a chic evening dress combined with filigree necklace and earrings.

Tanya:  The rich tones in "See the Sea" were the perfect chance to showcase colours of the season "Island Paradise" and "Flame" - 2017 fashion colours with a timeless affinity with one another.  Here in an elegant high collar sleeveless gown, perfect for a summer ball - and of course for this theme, it had to be a mermaid skirt!  Coordinating jewellery and shoes are included in the purchase.

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