Saturday, 20 December 2014

VirtuoCity Magazine - Covering InWorldz Cover To Cover

virtuo city is a monthly Magazine filled with style, Entertainment,Fashion,Music,Events,Art,interesting people & places .interviews,stories,clubs,shopping,classifieds and photos.
 our first publication is scheduled for release in januart 2015 and will be with exciting content

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We are looking for businesses who would like advertise in our magazine.  Visit our Ad Services page for information on placing your ad, classified, personal or to order a custom ad.

All content within this website and within our publication are protected by Copyright laws and the Digital Media Copyright Act. Use of any items such as graphics, photos, logos, stories or other information without permission is prohibited.

VirtuoCity Info Center @ The Hamptons Mall
The Hamptons (161,139,3803)

VirtuoCity Business Center - Main Offices
Lotus Heart (92,61,2498)

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